JabezPOS Cloud Management System

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anytime, anywhere

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Cloud service platform is your weapon for business management
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Why choose JabezPOS?

  1. 30 years of circulation experience

    30 years of
    POS experience,
    Suitable for various industries.

  2. Safe and stable cloud service

    Built in the world's best
    AWS cloud service platform,
    Instant backup of data,
    safer and secure.

  3. Anywhere & any device

    Compatible with original
    POS devices,
    And support for tablets and mobile phones,
    Cashier checkout anytime, anywhere.

  4. Low construction cost

    Modular monthly rent pricing,
    No self-maintaining cloud host.

  5. Easy to use

    Intuitive interface operation,
    Get started in a few minutes.

  6. Sales analysis

    Multi-dimensional sales report,
    operational analysis.

  7. Batch filing

    Import data using Excel,
    Batch file creation is more convenient and rapid.

  8. Easy exhibition shop

    Add second store account,
    can become a chain system.

Online and offline, seamlessly connected

JabezPOS can automatically back up
the transaction data of the store to the cloud,
You can access the cloud and view sales intelligence anytime, anywhere.
POS can still be used even if the network is disconnected,
The sales data will update to cloud
synchronously after the network is restored.

Cloud trading
data transfer ERP system

POS transaction data with Cloud2ERP,
transfer to the ERP system,
Enjoy circulation integration services and ERP extension applications.

The advantages of JabezPOS

Other POS JabezPOS
Single option. Customer style with different solutions.
Need to be purchased with hardware. If the customer has their own tablet and hardware,
just download the cloud POS to use.
Expansion module is expensive. Function modules are rented on demand.
Version update requires maintenance by the engineer. App in the cloud, instant update.
Architecture private cloud. Real public cloud (Amazon).
Only stand-alone version. As the store expands, it can become a chain mode, view each store report.
Developed in recent years. 30 years of POS business experience.
Simple POS and hardware device. Not only buy systems, but also enjoy irregular marketing resources.
Need to be binding for about one year. If you don't buy hardware, our system is not bound.
Unable to use electronic invoice. Electronic invoice available.
Payment tools other than credit cards are not supported. Support various payment tools such as Apple Pay, Alipay, and Easy Card.
Unable to combine APP. Support for multiple types of APP.
Traditional only. Support five national languages.

Single store fee to enjoy the chain

At the beginning of the shop, the bosses are not sure about the profit of the camp.
It may start with the POS system of a single store.
When the business profit is going to open the branch,
encountered the trouble of switching the chain system.
The general chain system is five or six hundred thousand.
Re-construction and import of data,
it's a big trouble for system conversion.

JabezPOS cloud service platform is accounted for by an account.
For one more store, as long as you pay more for one account,
become a chain system right away!
Save the trouble of re-establishing and importing the system!
Easily start the operation of the new store!

Professional function

Cashier / Ordering

  1. Product inquiry
  2. Transaction checkout
  3. Electronic invoice
  4. Sale promotion
  5. Member discount
  6. Multiple payment
  7. Cloud endpoint meal
  8. Dismantling the table
  9. Print separately
    (Post checkout version)

Backstage management

  1. Commodity filing
  2. Categories
  3. Quick menu
  4. Sales analysis
  5. Acceptance
  6. inventory check
  7. Accounting management
  8. Member management
  9. Payment report
  10. product barcode
  11. Electronic invoice filing
All professional features

We provide professional software and hardware integration.

A variety of smart devices, used alone and in combination.

We offer a variety of hardware options for opening a store.
Whether it is a desk or mobile device,
can be purchased according to your needs.