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Since its inception in 1991,
we have been pursuing progress and growth,
working with the government to create a smart business circle and moving towards a smart city.

  1. 2014

    Awarded by the Taipei City Government for the Taipei City Certificate of Appreciation

    Participate in the Taipei Cloud Application Service Promotion Project, Coaching 335 Stores to Introduce Cloud Application Services, 249 Ningxia, Qingguang and Gongguan Business Circles, Beauty Salon, Hotel and Wholesale and Retail Industry 64 and 22 new SMEs, Thanks to the special awards.

  2. 2014

    Received the 21st Innovation Research Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs

    The innovation and uniqueness of JabezPOS products combine technology into life service experience, explore business opportunities in cultural and creative markets, and successfully create a new service model for cross-industry integration.

  3. 2013

    Selected in Taipei International Computer Show Computex Cloud Smart Technology Highlights

    Designed with the concept of “Global City Service, Mobile Cashier” to create innovative applications for smart stores, including exclusive wireless integrated action cashier + POS peripherals, online e-commerce platform ordering, offline access to physical storefronts, online advertising and Sales, let consumers go to the store to consume, bring "flow" to the store, create a positive cycle.

  4. 2013

    Selected as one of the top 10 highlights of Computex at Taipei International Computer Show

    Any small shop vendor, online auctioneer and mobile sales business can expand the operation of the store through JabezPOS cloud service, and integrate member management and action cashier, so that consumers can use mobile payment, electronic invoice, and open a new life.

  5. 2012

    Received the Best Minsheng Application Nomination Award of the Cross-Strait Mobile Informatization Application Contest

    The "JabezPOS Mobile POS System" applies mobile information to the management level. It is a simple system that integrates the vast system that most people think is integrated into the mobile platform for the average person to use. It has also become a highlight in many competitions.

  6. 2012

    Received the 10th Golden Penguin Award from the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs

    Sponsored by the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the "Golden Penguin Award" hosted by the Taipei Computer Association is part of the product competition under the "Cloud Industry Application Promotion Project" of the Industrial Bureau. JabezPOS won the APP Application Innovation Award and the ASUS Creative Application Best Strength Award.

  1. 2017

    Payment integration

    Integrate multiple payment options such as Aapple pay, credit card, iPASS, EASY Card, Alipay, Line pay, 2uBill...etc. Through the multi-payment payment situation, attract more consumers to pay attention and generate a new consumption pattern cycle.

  2. 2016

    Promote the convenient payment of the EASY Card in the Taipei City

    In order to create a more convenient payment environment in Taipei City, this year we actively promoted the introduction of the EASY Card payment model in the eight major business districts. I hope that people can use EASY Card to pay more to improve the efficiency of the consumer environment and business operations.

  3. 2016

    Alipay on stage! Ningxia night market is ready.

    Alipay officially landed in Taiwan and seized the Ningxia Night Market in December. It will launch a night market food of NT$100 for as long as RMB 1 yuan! Successfully promoted the night market and the tide of customers, creating money!

  4. 2013

    Zhongguang News Network Radio Access - Cloud POS Cashier

    Zhongguang News Network invited Huang, general manager of JabezPOS Global Service Cloud, to talk about how today's distributors can match cloud POS at a lower cost to achieve efficient mobile cashier and entry product management.


System import

Is there an installation fee?

No. The JabezPOS Cloud POS Service, with the necessary features in the simplest architecture, allows users to install the settings themselves.

Who should I look for if I can't install it or if there is a problem with the operation?

Cloud mode installation and learning, in the background of the system there are free electronic files and audio and video files for customers to learn. If you are not sure or have problems in operation, you can write to us (E-MAIL:, we There will be someone to answer your questions.

Can my original equipment continue to be used?

Yes, you can download the software on your existing POS machine without having to purchase a new machine.

Use service

Is there any security concerns in the cloud?

The data is built on Amazon Web Services, the world's best cloud service platform. is a multinational e-commerce company in the United States and the largest online retailer in the United States. Its cloud services have been recognized by many international awards. Service specialization technology, plus a full range of security equipment and software, taking into account information access security, traffic management and customer optimization and upgrade to ensure corporate information security.

If the network is unstable, what will happen if there is no business?

When the store network is interrupted, the POS cloud service platform can continue to carry out the customer's cash register transaction!! We will transfer important information to the cloud hosting, data security, backup mechanism and other issues will be solved once, even if the store POS computer is faulty. It is also possible to quickly restore the cashier's work in the store through cloud computing within three minutes after replacing the computer. No longer have to worry about host poisoning, hacking and other risks.

Account payment

How do I pay?

Our system adopts the rental method. We have a credit card automatic debit mechanism on our platform. You can directly debit the money or send money directly to our company's designated account.

I have a store now. I might show a second store in a year. Do I need to re-purchase the system? POS cloud service platform is accounted for by account number, one more store, as long as the cost of a single store! Become a chain system right away! Save the trouble of re-establishing and importing the system! Easily start the operation of the new store.