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Renewed the record for the store's performance
  • JabezPOS allows me to check the sales situation of the store even if I am on a business trip abroad.

    What is most needed in the retail market is the cash-selling system that improves efficiency. Among the many types of goods, the method of copying and billing consumes the prime time and transaction efficiency of the store staff. The number of customers is more likely to make mistakes.
    At this time, JabezPOS is a good helper for your business. You can scan the product barcode, or click the product checkout directly on the screen to complete the cashier process.

    Japanese boutiques ─ Nicopy
  • Effectively operating members, revenue increased by 7%, accounting for nearly 80% of the company's total revenue!

    The cashier system of the store can record the accumulated amount of member consumption, analysis of purchase items and preferences, and serialize CRM member management to send electronic catalogues and product usage care to customers. Yijin bedding has successfully achieved customer care, coupled with the sales analysis of the cloud system, and exerted its efforts to move toward the exhibition plan of the exhibition.

    Largest bed boutique chain ─ Yijin bedding
  • Import the system for management, saving more time to increase turnover

    JabezPOS is simple, easy to operate, flexible, monthly rent is not tied, want to upgrade and upgrade principles, suitable for early start-up stores, recommend bosses to use!

    Amberlin Children's Wear

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  1. Zhu sausage

    All in one host, not only does not take up space, but also provides iPASS payment, which makes checkout faster.


    From the service staff to order, counter checkout, to the kitchen to receive orders, smooth flow, the most favorite chain restaurants.

  3. Chiyang coffee

    Less ice and half sugar? Used inside the tape? The big screen allows you to order more quickly and is suitable for a wide variety of restaurants.

  4. Retail department store checkout process

    View sales reports and store status anytime, anywhere, and checkout data is safe.

  5. Two-way Beacon Interactive O2O

    As soon as you enter the store, the tablet will display the member information and shopping records.
    Let the store staff interact with the guests intimately.

  6. Beautiful medicine makeup

    Combine the two-way Beacon technology of smart customers, let the store staff actively interact with consumers.
    And provide more customized product recommendations.